Does Tim have any available original paintings?

Yes! View all available originals here. Don’t forget to check back in as the collection steadily grows.

Can I request a commission from Tim?

Yes! You can either use the CONTACT page section of this website or chose this LINK and it will take you to his Etsy site where you can use the "REQUEST CUSTOM ORDER. The wait is anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the overall scope of the job. The cost varies as well depending on the job requested but all jobs will be quoted and your approval given before starting any piece of art. For all commissions, a 25% Refundable/Non-refundable deposit is required. For better understanding on how that works see next FAQ listing.

How does the 25% deposit for a commission painting work?

25% deposit is needed to be added to the commission list and is fully refundable up to the final approval of idea before begining the commissioned artwork. After that, the 25% deposit becomes non-refundable. The commission can be canceled prior to, during, or after the painting is finished either by Tim or the client. So in the event that a commissioned piece is not claimed, it will be released for sell on both his web site and Etsy store and no harm done, but client will lose the 25% deposit. This system is to keep everyone happy, and mainly it allows Tim to paint what he feels he should paint without sacrificing the surprises inherent to the creative process. For a commission, typically clients will suggest a subject and idea preferences then Tim takes over and does the rest, keeping the clients ideas in mind but may vary off depending on space, reference ideas and creative thinking.

Does Tim sell prints of his work?

Currently NO, but is in the process of having images shot for prints - alerts will absolutely go out once some are ready. They will be available on my Etsy store - link here.

What inspired Tim to do art?

Born in 1965 in Guam, I wondered the earth at an early age between Germany and Spain. Once back in the States, I started to access my abilities in art. From the time I picked up that crayon and drew those lines on the perfectly white walls of the family’s house and through my High School and College years, I always was pushing myself to be involved in art. At least 50% of my classes in High School were art related and I hold an Associate Degree in Commercial Art from the Antonelli Institute of Art in Photography in Pennsylvania. I have been working for over 25 years in the art community in the Graphic Design side of things, I always created, whether it be on the computer or by hand. I am a professional artist through my daytime job on the computer but just as professional with all my other art projects. Creating at this time in my career through Acrylic with a cross between a Mexican style of “Day of the Dead” theme and a tattoo riddled, hard driven rock and roll mentality with just a bit of adolescence sprinkled in, has been the fixation of my themed art. Though still a kid at heart and I love to be different when it comes to my art, not wanting to fit into any set genre. As with all my work I produce, I tend to not be so serious and keep it very visually appealing to those viewing and will try to continue this as I expand my style into other arenas but that does not mean if I need to reel it inane do a serious piece of art for a client I can and have. With all of this, basically I am now, after all this time, embarking on a new journey in my life which I hope will feel as good as those first crayon lines on the wall felt.

Where did Tim grow up?

Born in 1965 in Guam, spent much of his early age between Germany and Spain. Once back in the States, he lived in Central Pennsylvania, in what he calls his hometown of Sunbury , PA up until 1985, which was when he upped and moved to the Treasure Coast of Florida where he spent over 15 years before moving back to PA. He has been in PA for close to 17 years in Allentown. Who knows where he might be in the next 15 years...seems he has a bit of gypsy in his soul.

How long has Tim been an artist?

He has been involved in art his whole life but as far as what he refers to as Traditional Art - it has been only about 10 years steady or so on the side. As far as his Digital art career goes - he has approximately 25 years experience in a host of different artistic fields.

What artists influence Tim's work?

His work is highly influenced most by many, many artist and non-artist as well. Some artistic inspirations come from Frank Frazetta, Jed_Leiknes, Chet Zar, Jesse Flores, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Salvador Dali and many more, to many to mention as well as he seems to find new artist that inspire daily. Non-artist inspirations come from weird place like Shaq, Willie Nelson, Michael Jordan and so on - ones that I have found just a piece of inspiration whether it be a quote, a story or a biography that makes me think or create. Also, he takes great inspriation when people that wind up in my life like other artists, other hustlers - young and old, as well as family and friends making their mark.

How do we contact Tim for Graphic Design projects?

Use the CONTACT page and send Tim a message. He will respond just as quickly as possible.